Quality Perks FAQ

What is the PERKS rewards program?

Quality PERKS is a free and easy-to-use loyalty program that gives you discounts for snacks, tobacco, and other deals at your local Quality Mart, Quality Plus, and GOGAS locations. The program now rewards members with cents-per-gallon savings at the pump.

How can I sign up for Quality PERKS?

Downloading the PERKS app is the easiest way to enroll. Use the app to track your fuel discounts & view gas prices.

If you would like a physical card, please visit any location, ask an employee and they’ll help you get started. You’ll need to register your card at myqualityperks.com. You may also register by entering your card number into the PERKS app.

What are the benefits of Quality PERKS?

Quality PERKS members earn 5¢ per gallon for every $25 spent inside the store. This excludes tobacco, lottery, gift card & fuel purchases. Use your fuel discount instantly, or save and stack them.

You’ll also enjoy club rewards on coffee and car washes at select Quality Mart locations. These special savings are available to registered members every day.

How do I use my PERKS Rewards?

It’s easy! Swipe your rewards card, scan the app barcode, or enter your ALT ID at checkout.

Not ready to use your fuel discount? Don’t worry! We’ll always ask if you’re ready to use your fuel discount at the time of purchase. Rewards discounts can be used only once, up to 25 gallons,

so make it count!

What is my ALT ID?

Link your card with your phone number (ALT ID). You can use your ALT ID at the pump ( 1 + phone number) For example: 13367223441