Quality Oil Fleet Card

If your organization owns, leases, or manages more than one vehicle, our Commercial Fleet Advantage Card is the tool you need to save money, increase security, and manage your vehicles more effectively. Using the Fleet Card for fuel will help you keep your vehicle related costs together on one statement for easier accounting and expense tracking. The Commercial Fleet Advantage Card offers the following benefits:

> Volume Rebates (Total gallons on a monthly basis)
* 500-1999 gallons = 1.5¢ per gallon

* 2000-4999 gallons = 3¢ per gallon
* 5000-9999 gallons = 4¢ per gallon
* 10000+ gallons = 5¢ per gallon

> Odometer Tracking
> PO# of Driver# Detail
> One Station Card or Multiple Cards
> Detailed Billing by Card or Vehicle#
> 100 locations in NC, eastern TN, and southern VA. Diesel available at most locations.